Application ID Submission for BMR Rental Opportunities at Revere

1725 S Bascom Ave in Campbell

 2 Bedroom/2 Bath

50% AMI

No Longer Available

                   Please do not disturb the tenants or Property Manager, showings dates are by appointment only.
                                                                           Marian Sacco (408)218-7733

Apartment will be opening up soon and available after Landlord Approval

Applicant Selection Process:  City Preferences and the Date and Time stamp on the HouseKeys BMR  Rental Applicant Opportunity Submission Forms will be used to determine the order of applicants for the unit.

Household and Income Restrictions:  Applicant must meet Landlord/Property Manager Criteria AND all BMR Eligibility requirements before moving into a BMR unit AND must re-certify eligibility each year.

Unit Income Designation: VERY LOW 50% AMI

Minimum Household Size: 2 people      Maximum Household Size: 5 people 

Maximum Rent: $1343.75/ month (PGE and Communication utilities not included) 

Minimum Income REQUIRED : 2.5X Rent or $3359/month

Maximum Total Household Income: Household of 2-$47,800, Household of 3- $53,750,

Household of 4 $59,700 and Household of 5-$64,500

Security Deposit: $700.00    Landlord Conditional Approval may require additional deposit equal to 1 month rent.


To participate in Rental Opportunity click To enter, you will need a Rental Application ID for the City of Campbell. If you don't have one and would like to participate in future opportunities, please see the Tenant Information Section

Applicant ID Submission for Opportunity at REVERE APT. Application


  Landlord Criteria: TBD Please consult Opportunity Pages over the next few weeks.

Application Fee: $42 PER ADULT HOUSEHOLD MEMBER (Background and Credit)  (NON-REFUNDABLE)

Rental Insurance: Required by Landlord and paid by Tenant. Personal Liability for $100,000 with average cost of $12-15/month.

Utilities: Tenant pays all-Gas, Electric, TV Cable, Internet.

Washer/Dryer In Unit

Features: Assigned One Space Parking, Guest Parking first come first serve.

Strict NO Smoking Policy.  Pet Friendly (may need Landlord Approval and Deposit)

Household and Income Restrictions/ Annual Recertification Requirement: Applicants must meet the Landlord's/Property Manager criteria and all the BMR Program Eligibility and Qualification Requirements before moving into a BMR Rental Unit. There will be an Annual certification each year to confirm continued Program Eligibility and Qualification. During the annual re-certification, the tenant/household will have to resubmit a complete application, income, asset documentation and other information in a timely manner. HouseKeys and the Landlord will determine if the household still qualifies for the program. If the household no longer qualifies for the program, a Notice to Vacate the unit will be issued by either the Landlord and/or the Administrator (HouseKeys).


 Landlord Rental Application Form will be available soon AND you must have a City of Campbell  Rental Application ID #


 All fees are non- refundable