City of Campbell Staff Workshop

November 30, 2016 @ 2 PM - City Hall, City of Campbell



City of campbell staff affordable housing workshop.

Campbell's Affordable Housing Program restricts rents and home ownership prices to be in line with household incomes as opposed to the maximum that the market will bear.  The program requires 15% of housing developments with 10 or more units to be price or rent restricted.  The program also includes a priority for "Income Eligible Employees of the City of Campbell" for the first 10% of the affordable units. To determine if you are eligible, please review the Eligibility Guidelines.

HouseKeys, the City’s Program Administrator, will be hosting a special orientation class at City Hall, specifically for City of Campbell employees, on November 30th at 2 PM.  The purpose of this workshop is to explain how the program works and encourage interested staff members to participate in the application process.